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Psychotherapy and treatment for eating disorders in Bath

Anne Marie Cussins MA.DipPsych. UKCP. registered Psychotherapist.

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Recognised by Bupa and Aviva insurance companies to work with their members.

I qualified in 1986, and have since been in private practice, offering treatment for many types of emotional problems and disorders.
My approach to mental health is to see beyond the labels which certain difficulties are given. Our internal world is shaped by our responses to the environment, and by family and societal culture, which have given certain meanings to what we feel and how we behave. Psychoanalytic thinking ,in my approach, helps us reflect on how we develop identity in the world.

I provide psychotherapy for North Bath and surrounding areas in Somerset and Wiltshire. I am able to offer psychotherapy on Zoom and Skype. In my practice I can offer:

  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
  • Psychotherapy for personality disorder.
  • Psychotherapy for couples.
  • Treatment for eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating.
  • Psychotherapy for anxiety and depression; these problems may affect the body and mind simultaneously and you may need sessions for a period of time which will help you to be free from medication in the long-term. (See a description of how this may occur in the testimonial below).


I have many years of experience in psychotherapy for emotional trauma, eating disorders and complex personality problems.
I also work with all issues that occur during the life-cycle and have an interest in life-transitions and how they are negotiated.

I offer psychotherapy for relational problems for individuals and couples.

In the present circumstances, I offer online sessions, and will continue to do so, while I also now have Face to Face sessions available.

My Approach

I'm a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.This is an approach which is based on the psychoanalytic principle that some of our emotional life is not easy to be in touch with, and can only gradually be revealed. The relationship with the therapist is an important context in which we can explore some of the less conscious feelings that arise, and dreams also can be significant in offering insights into self-development. In this collaborative process, the psychotherapist, with empathy and active listening, enables a dialogue to be started from which new understanding of your very particular experiences begins to develop.

As we move on with the "therapy work", the aim is that you will be able to know better how early experiences influence the 'emotional present' and can effect your sense of self and your relationships. Psychotherapy is usually a commitment over a period of time, enabling the "unthought known", experiences which you may not have thought of as significant, or been aware of, to be felt and spoken about, and offer a new way of thinking about your present and future.

As changes take place, prior to, and during therapy, the challenges can be difficult to face; psychotherapy can enable you to make the progress you would like for yourself.

Eating disorders

I have a special interest in eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. Since 1986, I have seen those who have developed these problems and my approach reflects experience gained over time with the latest clinical understanding of these syndromes. I draw on a feminist tradition within psychoanalysis which helps us to see how these problems arise, and provides important meanings for the growing numbers of young and older women who express themselves via an eating disorder.


Over a period of more than twenty years I experienced regular acute periods of anxiety and depression requiring medication and, on one occasion, in- patient hospital care.

I started seeing Anne for weekly Psychotherapy in October 2008.

Psychotherapy was not a quick fix but gradually helped me understand how experiences and patterns of behaviour picked up in early life and beyond were behind the acute symptoms I would experience.

Through this understanding I feel much stronger psychologically and, when I am vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings, much better able to recognise and deal with them.

More than this, although part of the same process, Psychotherapy has helped me increase my self esteem and self confidence, improving my quality of life in numerous ways.

Anne is a skilled and experienced Psychotherapist who understands that it takes time for changes in thought patterns to occur but isn’t afraid to use direct confrontation when required.

I would often enter a session with a myriad of thoughts and emotions creating a strong feeling of confusion, whereupon three or four questions and observations from Anne later, the issues and processes going on would be quite clear.

I would strongly recommend Psychotherapy as a treatment and Anne as a Psychotherapist.

Anne Marie Cussins MA.DipPsych. UKCP. registered. Psychotherapy and Feminist therapy based in Bath within easy reach of Box, Corsham, Coleherne, Chippenham and surrounding areas in Somerset and Wiltshire..
Clinic for depression and anxiety, personality disorders, bereavement, couple relationships, eating disorders.

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